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Application Rationalisation

Every company faces the challenge of maximising their return on investment in IT applications.

However, the speed of technology advancements and the rapid pace of today's business environment often force companies to rely on an application long after it has ceased to provide maximum value to the business. Such an application becomes increasingly costly to the business and impedes IT productivity because of its complexity and constant support requirements.

Add costly non-core technology and redundant applications inherited from mergers and acquisitions, and it becomes clear how application portfolios can quickly - and quietly - drain IT resources and corporate bottom lines.

SJH also provide, application compatibility testing as most companies now look to move to new operating system such as Windows 7, 8 or look to virtualise the applications, this ensures the company understands the challenges ahead.  

Here at SJH Consultancy we can help you stream line your resources by reducing the number of applications used within your business and therefore reducing costs across your business.


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